I’ve known Kris since high school – we never hung out or anything, but I knew who she was!  Little did I know what she was going through behind the scenes – away from school!  Fast forward to Facebook – LOL but a bunch of us from high school are friends!  Really nice way to connect with past friends, and make new one’s as well!  

I reached out to Kris – she had posted something on Facebook…  I was going through a really hard time with a few things…and needed help!  Something told me she was the person I needed!  She had a 21 Day Challenge she was starting, so she “gifted” it to me!  It came at the PERFECT time, let me tell you!  

Kris’ challenge  – well, it truly has done a LOT for me personally…

  • It got me to get out of my comfort zone – put myself out there a bit more.
  • She taught me that I could do ANYTHING I put my mind to.
  • She taught me to work hard at what I DO want, and not let anyone tell me otherwise.
  • It has helped me to heal, in ways I never thought possible.
  • It has taught me to plan more!
  • It taught me to stop saying I can’t – and instead say “I will figure it out”!
  • It has especially taught me that I can’t worry about what others’ say, and instead will worry about what I know and what I want!

This video was made a while ago – posted on my old website!  I don’t care if you are in a rut, or just wanting to change a few things in your life…next time she has a workshop, you should take it!  It is WELL worth the price!  

Kris – thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me to find myself!  Only this time, I’m coming back better and stronger!  I refuse to let anyone walk all over me again!  I am thankful for the things I have dealt with in life, and the mended relationships I have found because I HAVE FOUND PEACE!  Love you bunches my friend – here’s to OUR futures!  

Thanks for stopping by,

                                                                     Lynda –    

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