Womens History Month – Part One

Us women are remarkable creatures…  I’m not sure why we have simply a “month” to talk about other women…seems to me, we would rather bash and belittle women than to empower them!  Us women could do so much – instead we do SO MUCH to others…  This album – and this month…a bit differently than before….and excited to actually start this album RIGHT NOW!!!   
A few years ago, I started an album (hey I at least found the perfect stuff for the album in my stash of stuff) for Women’s History Month!!!  Mine includes women (good and bad) who have shaped me into the woman I am today!  To get things started – you can go to this link, and get caught up with what you need!!!  For me and my album:

  • I have the album selected that I am using…..(shopping at home first)
  • Thoughts from the past blog posts ready on a sheet of paper for each person
  • Pictures ready to print this month on Shutterfly (my MOST favorite place to print out photos) 
  • Thoughts about the album itself out on paper as to what I want it all to look like

For this week – I hope to accomplish my title page, and the 5 pages that will  document the women in my history, or those IN history that simply have done profound things for me personally!  Some of those “things” I want to talk about, isn’t so great of things…but I still want to document them either way it goes.  For those women, pretty embellishments and hidden journaling will do the trick – to be able to write things down, but yet not have them out for the world to see!  (A and B in the past links)!!!  I will be sharing my pages done this week, so check back!  

Thanks for stopping by,
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme

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