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In yesterday’s post, I had you look at your calendar from now until February, scroll down for that post when you are done here!!!!  If you have a lot of things going on at one specific time, it is nice to get cards made up ahead of time, to save yourself time – THEN!!!  Or for those moments you find out about a birthday, or someone is sick, or whatever – and you don’t have the time to run to the store to pick one up!!!  I like to keep a stash of cards around for me to use when I need them the most – in various colors, styles and themes!!!  Plus if you purchase a great stamp set that has different sayings – you can create different cards with one set – or adding to another set!  This way you don’t have to pick up a bunch of sets all at once, you can spread your purchases out over time! 

I have a couple of other posts you might want to check out relating to making cards and the summertime challenge (turning into early fall)!!!!  Check out this one which will help you get supplies put together, and then this one with a challenge to create 5 cards from 2 themes of cards you decided on in the first post!!!  
Since we all know how time challenged I am – I didn’t get any extra posts put together for harder card making challenges and ideas I have!!!  I will add as many challenges as I can throughout the next few weeks – with a few techniques you can work on for the next few months!  For the most part – scraps of paper left over from other projects – a bit of cardstock – ribbon, floss or bakers twine – stamps – and you have one of a kind cards made by YOU!  You don’t need a ton of extra supplies to make your own cards!   


  1. Out of the themes you know you will need – find 2 more that will need a lot of cards made, and make 5 more from each of the 2 themes!
  2. Take a look at your scraps, and decide the colors of papers that will go perfect for you to use together.  Even if you put them away for use later on, pick the colors out you want to use!
  3. Find supplies you already have at home – try not to spend money unless you need card bases and envelopes only!
  4. Make a list of card ideas you want to recreate – try to get 5 sketch’s or card examples you want to use!

I am working on a fun class now that has a tin included for you to put your cards in!  I can’t wait to get things nailed down – and will be on a Friday evening or Saturday during the day for those of you who work so you can attend!  Class will be online, with supplies purchased before hand and mailed directly to you!     
Making cards is a lot of fun – and really – if you do any other paper crafts – you probably have a ton of supplies right now to use!  I am all for saving money, not just spending it!  You really DON’T need a ton of supplies to create with!

**Cards made from stamps and papers from Stampin’ Up – for purchase as well!  All cards are one of a kind, no two are ever alike!  Many cards and themes to choose from if you simply do not have the time to create your own!  Send me an email at for a time we can talk!**

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