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I started Memories in Tyme a LONG time ago… it was something I am really passionate about, your memories and documenting your life with words and pictures. Personally, I think everyone should do their Family History or at least document their own life! You can’t remember everything, and future generations – ESPECIALLY RIGHT NOW, will thank you for it… I have learned a lot from my ancestors… and wouldn’t be who I am today, without them and the memories shared.

That brings me to another point… off topic… I do not take crap from anyone… Not my family, not my friends, not my children, NOT my husband, or anyone else in this world. I am done with people who are vindictively trying to ruin me and my reputation…. and will address them here. Feel free to not read, unless you are curious that is!!! This is what happens when you spend 19 years on a crappy situation that we never caused….. just get blamed for it instead. Now – that said………………..

Do you all connected to my husband not have “lives” at all? Or do you think the bullying is going to get you somewhere? Oh it will, him mad as HELL as he is now, and me simply laughing at the continued crap behind backs. You can’t talk to faces, but behind backs, hell you all have that down perfectly. This is a crafty web site… the only reason you keep trying to hack in, is because YOU can’t handle the TRUTH. And if you keep this up, it takes all the drama off of you, and puts the whole thing on me.

Only – I’m not playing the whole “who’s the daddy” saga… I could care less WHO the father is, or who is not. I don’t care if you see him, or not. What I do care about – is you all doing this behind backs. Now… just an FYI… I have made it so every time you attempt to hack in, it is documented and sent to my email. I am not playing the games at all… and for you all to bring ME and MY business into things….. is messed up.

This is a craft web site, learn how to create your own cards, scrapbooks and paper crafts, or buy them for your favorite friends and family… What it is NOT – is a drama site, who’s the daddy, hate me, bash me, lie about me…. It is beyond “paternity/extrinsic fraud” and is now to more like “Intentional infliction of emotional distress”!

Thank you so much for me being the center of your universe… The ones talked about at every event! I really hope y’all get a life… if he hasn’t gotten the tests done by now… do you think he will? Y’all just want to bash and blame, and not one of you want the truth… Don’t involve me anymore please!


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